Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Fast Cleaners Kingston has a cleaning system devised. The cleaning team has used this system in the past and continues to use it to offer quality cleaning services to our clients. While this system has been put in place to ensure smooth operations by the company in giving quality customer service; it can also be customized to meet a client’s own needs.

Our system has been successful in keeping the company’s team members carrying out consistent quality services on a continuous basis. Since our cleaning services involves the cleaning of personal locations thus putting our staff in contact with clients personal belongings, there is need to accept liability on the outcome in the running of the tasks.

In the workplace, it is possible to meet accidents. However, Fast Cleaners Kingston tries to minimise such cases by requesting that our staff keep away fragile and valuable items safely. This action helps to prevent the loss of valuable items through breakages or other forms of damage. Keeping these items away safely helps to provide our cleaning staff a conducive environment allowing them to work with ease. It also helps you retain your valuables too.

In case of the need for cancellation of our services, this should be carried out a day in advance. This helps in the better planning of our functions. Late cancellation warrants a cancellation fee. We have a number of safety tips requirements that we would like our clients to observe for better services. These include:

  • You should allow our team to use the cleaning products they have. They have been well trained in handling these products. This enables them leave behind a clean environment that is safe for use without causing hazards
  • Remove any form of valuable and fragile items keeping them at a safer place before the cleaning team arrives. This allows them a favourable working place minimizing any cases of damage.
  • In case of any loose equipment’s or surfaces in the home, alert the cleaners before they start cleaning. This helps prevent damage or accidents during the cleaning process.
  • All pets should be put in a secure location before the cleaning process starts to prevent damages or accidents.

Contact us for more information and for a fully copy of our terms on 020 3322 7011.

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