Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Fast Cleaners Kingston offers plenty of information regarding its cleaning services. This website is geared at helping clients’ reach the company for services with ease. Any information entered into the forms filled on this website are kept private. This is all because we understand the need to keep clients information private while also respecting their privacy.

Our site allows visitors of the site to register for franchise information as well as asking them to take part in giving surveys. These may force an individual to give personal information which helps in categorization of the results. In such a case, the client gets an opportunity to offer their personal details for statistical reasons. The information entered may be used by the company to notify you on messages that are important to user whenever new developments arise.

Access to our cleaning company’s site is monitored. Records of the visits are taken for statistical purposes. Records of your computer’s IP address and the network used for internet connection is collected. This helps the company identify their client base and the record of visitors compared to the amount of services delivered. The collection of information helps the company to identify the level of effectiveness it has been able to achieve in its service delivery over the years.

The details you offer to us can be used by our company as we see deem fit at the company’s sole discretion. The company also reserves the right to delete or do away with content as it deems fit for the benefit of both the company and clients. This also applies in the case of stories posted on the site. The company chooses the stories to retain and those not to post or delete.

In case of questions regarding the privacy policy terms, you should contact Fast Cleaners Kingston on 020 3322 7011.